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英语作文 早晨做的事情。
8 Check In With Your Family和家人问好Nothing warms the heart like connecting with your loved ones So, really, what better way to start your day than to check in with Mom or to spend a few extra minutes with the kids Not only will this bring you closer to the people you care about most, but it will reaffirm the support networks we all need in life In general, men with strong family ties tend to live longer, have a higher satisfaction with their lives and engage in healthier lifestyle choices on the whole Plus, you’ll be able to take pride in the fact that you’re being a good husband, son, father, etc, which will give you a little confidence boost as you set about your day 和你爱的人相互关怀是一件很暖心的事情。
7 Get Organized 让一切井井有条So many stresses in life are due to being unorganized Letting things slide inevitably gives them more power to wreak havoc on our lives as they insist more and more aggressively to be dealt with As things pile up, your ability to deal with them will be compromised Giving yourself a little extra time in the morning to tidy up your apartment, pay your bills, plan your vacation and make your appointments will get those things off your plate and off your mind while you’re dealing with the stress of working And when you get home from a long day, you’ll be free to unwind in peace in a clean environment with no worries 生活的压力往往很多情况是因为杂乱无章,无从下手。
6 Be In The Know 晨间阅读Find 10 to 20 minutes every morning to read the news Knowing what’s going on in the world will help you become a natural conversationalist in the office instead of a weary head-nodder who’s slumped over his coffee while someone else leads all the chatter Plus, the more you read, the more you’ll know, which will help you stand out from the people who only pretend to be informed by regurgitating what they saw on The Daily Show the night before Also, the practice of reading exercises your brain and promotes general comprehension, not to mention that knowing what’s going on around you makes you a more conscientious citizen of the world, so start taking the time to become more connected to community and your interests while reaping the social benefits of reading 每天花10-20分钟读新闻,了解世界时事,让你在办公室轻松驾驭各种话题,而不是去倒咖啡的时候面都其他聊天达人和他的听众,只会干巴巴的点头示意。
5 Proper Breakfast 享用营养均衡的早餐You’ve heard it since you were forced to repeat it as a little kid: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day Well, it didn’t get any less true as you turned into a grown-up If anything, as the daily responsibilities start piling up, the more you can benefit from a healthy, balanced breakfast (Sorry, guys, coffee and doughnuts don’t cut it) Studies have shown for decades that breakfast helps kick-start your body’s metabolism, reducing hunger throughout the day; helps lower cholesterol; improves concentration; and tastes freaking delicious So why do most people skip this all-important meal? Laziness Which, if you’re like us, is not how you want to be described 小时候经常被教育,早餐是一天中最重要的一餐。
4 Shower 晨浴Sure, you can snag an extra 10 minutes or so in the comfort of your bed if you take a shower the night before, but besides waking up with the worst, most unmanageable hair imaginable, you’ll also be missing out on perks like improved circulation, loosening up of any phlegmthat may have built up in your lungs overnight (that’s when it happens most!) and the pure wakefulness a morning shower provides If you’re feeling particularly brave, try taking a cold shower, which amplifies these benefits 如果你晚上已经洗过澡,那么第二天早上你觉得理所当然可以多赖十分钟床。
3 Get Up Early 早起Doing a lot of the things on this list will not be possible if you’re literally jumping out of bed at the last possible second, giving yourself just enough time to throw on some clothes and head to work This is a surefire recipe for taking on stress before you’ve even sat down at your desk By getting up early, you can avoid commute-related stress, enjoy your breakfast, make plans for your day and even get a few minutes to relax instead of frantically trying to get your stuff together so as not to get chewed out by your boss for being late 如果你还是不拖到最后一刻不起来的话,那要完成这些建议是不可能的。
2 Stretch 做拉伸运动No, you don’t have to do an hour-long hot yoga class every morning (though it couldn’t hurt) Instead, we’re simply advocating a handful of simple stretches to help snap your body out of its slumber The benefits of a few early-morning stretches include improved blood flow to your muscles and your brain, which will help keep you from feeling groggy at your desk or incapable of concentrating on your work Stretching regularly will also help you avoid pulling a muscle or quell an existing back pain by softening the muscles around your spine On top of that, it'll improve your circulation, which is good for all your vital organs Ten minutes is all you needDon't forget to also do some daily brain exercises to keep your neurons active 在这里并不是建议你要每天造成做长时间的热瑜伽。
1Drink Water 喝水You’ve heard it said a million times: Drink more water If you’re wondering why this is such an enduring piece of advice, let us remind you Drinking water first thing, on an empty stomach, helps purify your colon, which will make it easier to digest your meals throughout the day and will increase your body’s abilities to absorb nutrients Also, water will help you produce new blood cells, which will literally make you feel like a new person Still not sold? Early-morning water consumption also boosts your metabolism, making it easier to lose weight Not to mention, water helps you maintain a youthful appearance, can remedy or prevent dozens of conditions like the flu, kidney stones, heart disease, colon cancer, headaches and dehydration -- and it flushes nasty toxins out of your body If that’s not enough to make you chug a nice, cold glass of H2O every morning, then you deserve to be miserable 你要多喝水,听到耳朵里面长茧了吧。

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Nowadays, star-worshiping is popular among teenagers, especially many middle school students When it comes to the symptoms of worshipping a star, the main factor I’d like to mention is imitation With a blind love for their idols, teenagers firmly believe that their choices are the best things in life As a result, the stars’ clothes, hairstyles and hobbies are closely observed or followed, as well as their behaviors in public, though, to some extent, improper or even ridiculous sometimes However, as is known to all, idols can be found everywhere but there is the only igo-self While you’re imitating to be someone else, where are you in this world? No one can take the place of you unless you give t up yourself Additionally, imitation means more than abandoning your own goals Since you’re wandering along your life road aimlessly, it’s so predictable a failure that you can neither enjoy your idol’s rise to fame, nor gain from your messy school work Eventually, you have to bite the bullet yourself As far as I’m concerned, our future should be more dependent on knowledge rather than star-worshipping Scientists are the ones who help push forward the course of history It’s required for us to concentrate on study and contribute as much as we can to society So I’m strongly against star-worshipping and I’m happy to hear your voices

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问题:表达最好有明确的观点 但可以保持中立 在线等
~The Love~ The love, just do not fall into it but make it !当代大学生的恋爱观 大学生谈恋爱已经成为不争的事实,那么当代大学生的恋爱观是怎样的呢?我认为,当代大学生谈恋爱有以下两种不同的观点:





校园生活单调,三点一线连成了每天的全部,再加上家庭的干预大为减弱,寻求精神快慰而谈恋爱 我认为谈恋爱互相喜欢对方并不是一件坏事情,关键是把握住自己,以未来为重。
it is an indisputable fact that most colleage students fall in love with somebodywhat about contemporary colleage students' view of love?in my opinion,contemporary colleage students have the following 2 views of loveon one hand,treating more seriously in love and thinking love is on the basis of feelingsthey are generally more mature psychologically, there is a certain sense of responsibility and a better understanding of each otheron the other hand,dealing with the attitude of love not seriously,it is not sincere this type of colleage students regard love is just for fun,or meet a variety of desiresthey are basically no sense of responsibility,there is not love between the two sides and they know nothing about each other the reasons for the incorrect view of love mentioned above lies in the following aspectsfirstly,boredomsome college students lack of study power and aim, so turn to love to spend time search for happinesssecondly,curiositythe idea of love is not fully reflected in the high school because of study stresswhen one turns to a colleage student the idea of love shown result from high degree of study freedomlastly,boringto someone campus life is monotony,even 3 point 1 line life become all the daycoupled with the intervention from parents significantly reduced,so he in order to be happy and seek the spirit of love fall in love with others is not a bad thingthe key is to hold one's focus to future-oriented

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问题:帮忙写一份关于大学谈恋爱好不好的正方英语辩文 字数不要太多 够用就行 拜托各位大虾啦
love is one of the most important emotions of human beings We use "love" to express our feelings and improve our social relationships It's a good idea for college students to know what love is during the precious time in college First because, we have grown to be adults, and we should know more about the society, and "love",as the most important emotion, should be learned and well interpretated Secondly, college students have the need of loving and being loved There is no need for us to hide our feelings

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克里斯·派恩Chris Pine Danny 出生日期:1980年8月26日 出生地点:Los Angeles, California, USA 昵称:Pine Sol 身高:
184公分 简介:
克里斯派恩 (Chris Pine)1980年8月26日出生于美国加利福尼亚的洛杉矶,他出生在一个演艺世家里,父亲是老牌影星罗伯特·派恩(Robert Pine),母亲是电视明星葛文·基尔福特(Gwynne Gilford),他的外祖母是好莱坞演员Anne Gywnne,外祖父是好莱坞律师Max M Gliford。
克里斯在圣费尔南多谷(San Fernando Valley)长大,在加州大学伯利克主修英语专业。

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要有 现在进行时和There be 结构,单词 have a picnic 、dance、sing 人物在干什么 和食物有什么? 谢谢,急求

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